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Vibrant Healing

The courage to live with freedom, joy, trust, and ease.

Lori Tidwell

I am an opportunist!

I am a master of finding the gifts, the value in every experience in my life.

I have practiced and practiced and now it is a superpower. This ability is second nature to me. I utilize every challenge, every stressful event, every victory, the good the bad, the ugly, ALL OF IT!

“You have options – you make choices.”

You may choose to be a victim in your life; which looks like blaming and inability to see options, or you may choose to be the hero in your life; which looks like empowering yourself by taking personal responsibility for your life and recognizing gifts and opportunities in your life.

Ignite the vibrant superhero in you to live your life with freedom, joy, trust, and ease.


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I have choices. I can choose in every moment what I do, what I say, what I think, how I feel, and how I act.

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